Protect Your Vibration, Protect Your Energy and Be Absolutely Ruthless About It!!

Hear ye! Hear ye!  The Kingmaker Here with today's Royal Decree!


Protect your vibration, protect your energy and be Absolutely Ruthless about it!!

This is what I mean by that. So let me tell you a story.

Not too long ago, maybe within the last two or three months.

I had a friend who went through a pretty rough patch.

and it was literally like a series of unfortunate events one after the other.

Step one was - hot water got cut off.

Step two was - phone got cut off.

The third thing that happened was they hit a pothole and busted out there two tires on one side of the car and bent both rims. Then somebody moved out of the place next door to them. It was like a townhouse kind of situation and the electric company turned off the wrong Electric.

So their apartment lost electricity then they had a situation where because their car was inoperable, they had to go and rent a car and were treated, not the way they should have been.

As you can imagine all of that was quite horrific. But as we all know all of that is vibrational. So being on the other end of that story meaning being the person that this person was calling and telling all of these things to. I started to take on the vibration of all of that fuckery.

The energetic fuckery is what you have to pay attention to, and this is how this affected me. So in my mind, I wasn't purposefully doing and I was being somewhat sympathetic and I was attempting to offer Solutions in my mind that would be helpful to this person getting out of the circumstance that they were in.

As a result of me spending way too much time entertaining that.

I had a situation where one of my tires went flat.

Now I have a Lexus that's fairly new - never had any issues whatsoever. This was a hundred percent out of the blue. Now. My situation was a little bit different because I had, you know free roadside service that came to the house and did what they needed to do and ended up being not that big of a deal to get it fixed. I didn't end up having to replace a tire. It was a little involved because I had to find a place that would patch it. However, I even had a situation within a few days of that where I went to the movie theater - the kind that you have to actually purchase your tickets in advance or purchase your or select your seats in advance and when we got into the theater,  myself and my two oldest children, there was a lady sitting in our seats, and she told me that she wasn't moving and to go sit somewhere else. Like I literally made myself available for fuckery.

None of these things. I have the type of kind of or about myself and I have the way that I've always conducted myself as I don't experience things like that. Like it's very rare that somebody tries me in person. So that was a very unusual thing and we were just talking about how my friend had been in the circumstance that made them feel less than they should have because they weren't treated correctly. 

So moral of the story is -

Yes, you want to be there for your friends or your loved ones. However you, and this is from I love Amanda Francis, she says this and I love this statement. "She's not available for it". You have to be not available for other people's fuckery because then you start your being sympathetic and you start thinking about it and you start caring picking up that vibration of that energy. And then now your life is experiencing A Series of Unfortunate Events that you didn't ask for.

So protect energy, protect your vibration and this is a perfect example of what I always say Be Absolutely Ruthless.

It doesn't mean don't help your friend if they need help. I'm telling you to adjust the way that you offer Aid and assistance to people who are in a vibration that you do not want to match.

I hope that this message is helpful to someone at some point in their life until next time.